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Water leaks? We're on our way. Just call. 

Smiles Guaranteed
(or you don't pay)

Red Seal  Certified Plumbers

The highest certification a plumber can achieve. Fast, friendly and efficient. 

Mon-Fri 6am-7pm.
Sat 7am-5pm

Feel comfortable knowing that we answer our own phones. 


If others are happy, you will be too. Check us out, then make the call!

Abbotsford to Chilliwack to Agassiz 

We service homes and businesses from Chilliwack to Agassiz. 

Friendly. Fast. Efficient. Call Now.

  • Water leak (toilets, sinks, pipes) repairs
  • Install kitchen and bathroom faucets and toilets
  • Hot water tank repair and replacement 
  • Hot water, no water, city water hookup
  • Water jetting, rooftop venting and drain pipe
  • Power auger

 (604) 798-9536

Our Warranty

We stand behind everything we do and sell. We provide a 1-year workmanship warranty. Parts supplied  (or that you supply) come with their own manufacturers' warranties. 


Our Guarantee

We make a bold claim that you will be smiling or you don't pay. That's for labor only. Parts supplied still have to be paid. You agree to allow the plumber "make it right" before the guarantee kicks in.  


Our Promise 

We promise to send you a clean, polite and patient plumbing and heating tech. We promise that he'll do his best to fix your problem quickly, efficiently and as cost-effectively as possible. 

Our Team

Terry Weatherup

The Boss

Wyatt Wardell 

Senior Plumber Technician

Josh Cooper

Senior Plumber Technician

Price Chart

By the Quote

Thinking of renovating and need a quote? Give us a call. We can usually provide a quote within 5 days.


  • Adding (or redoing) a kitchen or bathroom;
  • Adding a kitchen island
  • Water usage conserving--toilets and faucets
  • Water usage conserving--hot water tanks

  • Natural gas line for patio BBQ or fire pit 


Quote ready in 5 days

By the Hour

We charge by the hour for a regularly scheduled call-out. Smiles guaranteed or you don't pay. 

  • We accept Visa & MasterCard;
  • We accept cash & company cheques;
  • We accept Interac and Visa Debit;
  • Call Monday to Friday 6am to 7pm;
  • Call Saturday 7am-5pm.


$99.50 + 5% Fuel Surcharge

By the Part

If you need a part, we'll supply or if you've bought your own part, we can install it for you, no problem. 


  • Labor applies to supplied parts;
  • Heating system inspection;
  • General inspection of water pipes;
  • Keep your bill if supplying the part;
  • Manufacturer's warranty applies;


$ 99.50 Hourly,  Plus Part

Our Specialties

Satisfied Clients

FREE! Hot Water Tank Inspection

Have your hot water tank inspected, on us. Don't wait for a problem. We'll inspect your hot water heater and tell you if there's something wrong. 


Call your home insurance provider and ask about their policy on hot water heaters. Some carriers may put a limit on how old a hot water heater they'll insure in case of failure. 


$0. Now available. Call to book.

Questions, Questions

If you can't fix the problem, do we still have to pay?

No, you don't. We'll never make you pay for something that we can't do. However, we must clarify: if we arrive to fix something and it turns out that you need a new part (or system, or hot water heater), but you don't want to make the investment right away, we will still charge a diagnostic fee. 

Do you do renovations?
Do you do perimeter pipe cleaning with a rooter?
If we buy (or already own) the parts, will you install them?

We're Hiring! 

Red Seal Technician with "B" Gas Ticket

Hardus Plumbing and Heating has an immediate opening for a Red Seal journeyman plumber with B gas ticket. The opening is in Chilliwack, serving clients out to Agassiz.

  • Experience with residential and commercial service work
  • Furnace troubleshooting is a big asset
  • Organized and self-motivated. Clean driving abstract and able to pass a criminal background check 
  • Ability to work in teams or alone

You must have knowledge of residential power augers. You must also have your own tools. You can carry a job from start to finish. You take pride in what you do and that shows in your appearance, your approach to clients and management. You've got an eye for detail and you love knowing that you did a good job.

We need a resume and will keep all of this in the strictest of confidence. Let's grow this company into something we can all be proud to say we are a part of.



Hot water tank is leaking (bottom)

This is not good. Turn off the water to the tank (looks like a big tap). Once off, run the hot water taps in the house to relieve the pressure in the tank. Call. 


No pressure (or water) from the faucet

Unscrew the fitting from the faucet where the water gushes out. Clean or replace the little screen you find in there. Replacements at Home Depot. 


Toilet won't flush (or runs)

Lift off the back of the toilet tank. There's a little chain in back of the handle. Fish it out (that's clean water) and hook it back on. Flush. 

DIY Maintenance

In the Spring...
In the Fall...
In the Winter...
In the Spring...

Spring has sprung and with it, little leaks from the cold winter that just passed. When water freezes it expands and that's where damage occurs. Let's go through some basic checks. Any problems, call us. We'll come take a look. 


  • The sump pump is in your basement. Heavy April rains can really put it to the test. Clear away any visible debris such as leafs and twigs. Fill a big cooking pot with cold water and slowly pour the water down the hole until the pump kicks in. The water should pump out and the level should return to normal. 
  • Attach a garden hose to your hot water tank. Put the other end into the drain. Open the spigot on the tank (looks like a big tap) and drain out all the water from the winter months. Make sure the water goes down the drain! Close the spigot and return the hose to the garage or backyard. 
  • For backyard hoses left out all winter, stretch the hose out and turn it on. How is the pressure? Any leaks? How does the attachment look? Any leaks there? New hoses are cheap to buy. Don't put up with a bad hose. 
  • Buy a package of 5-10 furnace filters. Replace the filter for spring and stash the others. 
In the Fall...
In the Winter...

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Hardus Plumbing and Heating offers services from Chilliwack to Sardis to Agassiz and in all surrounding regions. Don't be shy. Give us a call!


  45965 Alexander Ave. Chilliwack

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